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Hope everyone is having fun doing crafts!


I sold just about all the puppy bouquets I made in my first batch. I have made several more since and have gotten better at it. I even now have a website and the ability to accept paypal. Please see my website at: www.FlowersByFrannie.com

These are my new bouquets:


Allen Boy $24.99 plus $10 Shipping


Elly Marie $24.99 plus $10 Shipping


Jadelyn Monroe $24.99 plus $10 Shipping


Cherie $24.99 plus $10 Shipping


Ryane and Caterina $34.99 plus $10 Shipping


Are you interested in attending a free webinar (online meeting) on the basics of operating your Cricut machine.

If so, please email me at frannie@flowersbyfrannie.com

Kind regards,


Is anyone interested in making their own puppy bouquets? If so, please email me at frannie@FlowersByFrannie.com

Here is what I’m offering:


This weekend was fun, I got a lot of stuff done around the house, saw Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood movie) with my husband and made some cards with my daughter. Whatever craft I do, my daughter always wants to participate in, she’s three, and I think it’s great for her to do creative things, and it sure is nice to spend the time together. If you’re crafting, consider finding a buddy to craft with, it’s a great way of sharing.

This weekend, I decided I was not going to shop for crafting materials, but rather use what I already have in my abundant supply. I pulled out stamps that I have had since high school, and let me tell you, that was a long time ago! And they still work as well as the day I bought them. Although I love the new clear stamps that are out now, I do question their longevity… especially since there is so much pulling and tugging to remove them from the plastic they reside on, with a rubber wood mounted stamp, you’re not doing any of that pulling and tugging.

Since my two nieces are having birthdays this month, I made birthday cards.


This birthday card has several elements, let me briefly describe:
– This card is 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet folded in half
– I always like to combine stripes with polka dot papers of the same color scheme
– The wood butterfly and flower are from the Dollar Tree (great chain, everything is a buck or less)
– To get the curve in the border where the striped paper meets the polka dots, I just lightly drew a wave with pencil on the back side of the striped paper. I drew a few waves until I got one that looked just right and cut it out with scissors.
– I glued a leaf ribbon on the border of the wave. I purchased this a San Francisco Fabric Mart.
– I drew with a white pigment pen, the trailing of the butterfly
– The Happy Birthday stamp was purchased at Costco, great deal, I think I got a set of four or five clear stamp sheets for around $15. I’ve gone back to two Costcos to see if they have more, but no luck. Figures.
– I used the polka dot and striped papers to create a double matte around the Happy Birthday stamp.
– I used jewel stones around the borders. I bought a small bag of them from Walmart in the sewing section.
– The three buttons on the bottom, I sewed with some blue thread
– Around the edge of the card is a dark chalking, I love the antique look this gives
– I used a Fiskars corner punch/embosser for each corner. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend getting one when it is on sale.

The next card I made was a lot simpler.
– I used a Fiskars heart punch for the sides of the card
– The pink wave on the bottom was created using a paper cutter I purchased after watchin an infomercial. It has a light on it, but I would not recommend purchasing this paper cutter, the cuts aren’t very straight.
– The heart cutout was a leftover from the Valentine’s Day Cards I made and was made using George and Basic Shapes from my Cricut cutter.
– The heart on the very top is from a set of paper clips I purchased from Walmart.
– This card probably took ten to fifteen minutes at the most. It was super easy.

This next card was also pretty simple:


– The center of this card contains a cut out from the Walk in My Garden Cricut Cartridge. It’s a bread tag, you know, the little piece of plastic used to secure your the bag of bread you buy from the grocery store!
– The corners are gold sequins
– The three stones in the bottom center are faux gemstones
– The ribbon down the center is actually paper

Well, I hope I’ve given you some inspiration.

Happy crafting!

Per a blog reader’s request, I made a Valentine’s Puppy  Bouquet. I love it!
It is so adorable. See below…


Valentine Puppy $24.95 + $10 for Shipping


Valentine Puppy $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Puppy Twins  $29.95 + $10 for Shipping

I received an email a couple of years ago of this florist shop somewhere in Asia that made puppie bouquets. They were so adorable!

After much shopping at several dollar stores, I found the perfect artificial flowers to make puppy bouquets. I also picked up some mini costumes meant for stuffed bear toys and a few wicker baskets. I ordered the eyes and noses from an online retailer.

I have received inquiries on purchasing these puppy bouquets, if interested, please email me at frannie@flowersbyfrannie.com

Here are my puppy bouquet creations:


Holiday Puppy $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Puppy with Purple Flowers  $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Princess Puppy SOLD

Puppy with Yellow Orchids  $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Cheerleader Puppy  $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Yellow Puppy SOLD


Here are some Valentine’s Day Cards I made. Please check back soon as I will add more information on the materials and techniques I used to create them:

Valentine's Day Card 001

Valentine's Day Card 001

Valentine's Day Card 002

Valentine's Day Card 002

Valentine's Day Card 003

Valentine's Day Card 003

Valentine's Day Card 004

Valentine's Day Card 004

Valentine's Day Card 005

Valentine's Day Card 005

Valentine's Day Card 006

Valentine's Day Card 006


Valentine's Day Card 007

Valentine's Day Card 007

Valentine's Day Card 008

Valentine's Day Card 008

Valentine's Day Card 009

Valentine's Day Card 009

Valentine's Day Card 010

Valentine's Day Card 010

Valentine's Day Card 011

Valentine's Day Card 011

Valentine's Day Card 012

Valentine's Day Card 012

Valentine's Day Card 013

Valentine's Day Card 013

Valentine's Day Card 014

Valentine's Day Card 014

Valentine's Day Card 015

Valentine's Day Card 015


Canon’s Creative Park takes the guess work out of making fun 3-d Popup Cards. It’s fun and it’s free. You just need paper, a printer and a glue stick.

Here are the photos of their current Valentine’s Day Card Offerings:


Popup Chocolate Box


Popup Chocolate Cake


Popup Heart

Popup Sweets Box

To access these projects, go to the Canon Creative Park Website at: http://cp.c-ij.com/en/contents/3053/list_15_1.html


1. Most popup cards appear to come in two sizes, A4 and Letter. Since I usually only have Letter size paper on hand (8 1/2″ x 11″), I only download the letter file. Also, instruction files are available in A4 and Letter, so you should also only download the Letter instructions as well.

2. If you are making multiple cards, I would print out one set of the card and one set of instructions. There are usually extra sheets of the card for multiple color versions of the card. I would decide which card color I like most and reprint only the pages I need of the card set. There is no need to reprint the instructions more than once.

3. For the Popup Sweets Box, you can add real mini-sized lollipops or other treats.


The Cricut Essentials Kit (Value Pack) comes with the following items:
1. Two 6″ x 12″ cutting mats

2. Cricut tool kit

3. Cricut Celebrations paper pad

4. Cricut Rainbow cardstock pad

5. Cricut trimmer

6. 2 Cricut replacement blades

7. Cricut spatula tool.

As of January 8, 2009, here are some prices for the Essentials Kit:

Walmart $66.56
Amazon $58.70
Ebay (Price Varies)


I purchased the Cricut Toolkit from Walmart when I purchased my Cricut Expressions Machine. The scoop tool is handy for removing delicate cuts from the cutting mat, the boning knife is useful for folding cards and the scissors I use on occassion. The rest, I barely use. Since most of these items I have purchased already, I probably did not really need this toolkit. The one cricut tool I did get that turned out to be very useful was the Cricut Spatula. The Spatula is great for removing cut items from the sticky cutting mat. I would recommend getting this item instead of the toolkit if you have these items already in your supply.

Here’s a photo of the cricut spatula:


 As of January 7, 2009, here are some prices for the toolkit:

Walmart $18.88
Amazon $24.63
Ebay (Price Varies)

Here are some prices for the spatula:

Walmart $4.97
Amazon $5.99
Ebay (Price Varies)

Here is some information from the Provocraft website on the toolkit:

Cricut Tool Kit
Comfortable and fashionable carrying case for tool storage. Exclusive soft-touch handles for superior gripping comfort. Custom-designed tools for creating the most intricate paper crafts. The tool kit includes:
Bone Folder
Ideal for creasing and folding various types of papers and crafting materials.
Stainless steel hook specially designed to easily remove tiny cuts.
Stainless steel blade with precision ground cutting edge.
Conveniently marked in inches and millimeters for more accurate measurements.
Hardened steel blades with precision ground cutting edges. Patent pending soft-touch handles provide superior gripping comfort.
Stainless steel tip specially designed to remove cuts from mat.
Custom designed to scrape paper residue from the Cutting Mat. Helps remove finished cuts from the mat.
  • Product Line: Cricut
  • Product Category: Storage And Tools
  • Item Number: 29-0004
  • Packaging Size: 
  • UPC Code:  093573030048


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