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To get free clipart emailed to you, I would suggest subscribing to two e-newsletters:

1. The Vintage Workshop

2. Dover Publications

To download free clipart, visit these websites:

1. Microsoft

2. Google

3. Canon

4. HP


My passion for card-making naturally led to my desire to purchase a personal electronic cutting system. In reading various cardmaking magazines, I noticed there were only a few personal electronic cutting systems to choose from, but the choice was pretty obvious for me.

After watching the Cricut informercial ( on tv, I became intrigued. The Cricut system is made by Provocraft ( I did searches on Ebay ( and Craigslist ( in hopes of finding a good deal. At the time, the resale price on these sites was so close to the price offered at WalMart (, that it didn’t make sense to try to buy it used when I could have a new one and the ability to conveniently return it if there was a problem. I also liked that WalMart and Michaels ( carried other Provocraft products such as cartridges, mats, pens and a toolkit. There also was a wide variety of cartridges I could select from both WalMart, Michaels and Ebay. Each cartridge contains a unique set of images or fonts. Some of the cartridges include: Animal Kingdom (animals); Mickey Mouse (Disney), Christmas Cheer (Seasonal), and much more. Only once did I pay a ridiculous amount for a cartridge ($99 for Paperdolls). At the time, it was very new, widely popular and hard to get. Now, as a rule, I only purchase cartridges when they are on sale. Michaels often has a sale where these cartridges are only $35 – $40. If I bring a Michaels ad to WalMart, any cashier can perform a price match. WalMart is great about price matching cricut cartridges, dvds, etc. 

There are 3 versions of the Cricut cutting system:

1. Cricut (original)


2. Cricut Expressions


3. Cricut Create (Sold Exclusively at Michaels)


I purchased the first model and loved it right away. A few months later, I then sold my system on craigslist and ordered their largest system, the Cricut Expressions from WalMart. This model is capable of cutting larger sizes up to 12″ x 24″, the standard scrapbook size sheet is 12″ x 12″. The third model, the Cricut Create, is an improvement on the first small model and sold exclusively at Michaels.

The other great features of this cutting system is the ability to draw. You can replace the cutting blade with Cricut pens to draw, instead of cut, images. You can also purchase Cricut Vinyl adhesive sheets to cut images for decorating the interior of your home. There is also the ability to connect your Cricut machine to your computer via a USB cable. You can then use the Cricut Design Studio software to prearrange the layout of your images before cutting. The Cricut Design Studio software also allows you to view the images of all Cricut cartridges, but you can not cut with them unless you own the cartridge. Another option is to use a third party software, such as Sure Cuts A Lot to cut from your existing fonts or to create your own images to cut. This product is by Craft Edge and is available on ebay or by clicking this link:

This machine is lots of fun, versatile, and widely available by big retail giants. I would highly recommend purchasing this machine.

This post contains examples of some of my favorite fonts. These fonts were all downloaded for free.

For instructions on how to install these free fonts, please view the New Fonts for Free post at:

Favorite Font Examples:



Why spend money purchasing new software to add different fonts when you can download them for free?

Here is an example of the Coffee Tin MF Font:


Here are some websites you can use to download fonts:

Although I’ve listed only a few websites, there are probably hundreds of websites that offer free font. The following instructions apply to the first website

 Installing New Fonts

1.  Search through the website and select a font. I have chosen Michaelmas.

2.  Based on your operating system, click the Download button. Since I am using a Windows operating system, I selected the “Download Win Font”. There is an option for Mac operating system users.


3.  A popup box will appear displaying where the Michaelmas font is downloaded. Click the Extract all files link under Folder Tasks. A new popup box will open, do not close this new popup box.



4.  Open the Fonts Window by:

    1. Click the Start Button
    2. Click Settings
    3. Click Control Panel
    4. Double Click Fonts (this will open the fonts window)




5.  Once the Fonts window is open, make the new font window, from Step 3, visible. You may need to reduce or increase the size of the windows in order for both windows to appear. To resize the window, move the bottom right corner of the window.


6.  In the New Font window, click the new font and drag it then drop it in the Fonts Window. The new font in this example is MICHAEL.TTF. Fonts have the file extension TTF and this stands for True Type Font. The Install Font Progress Popup Box will appear and will show the progress of the installation. Once the installation is complete, it will disappear. 




7.  Once you have installed the new font, you can view it by opening any word processing application and selecting the new font. If you use Microsoft Word, just click the Format Menu and select Font.


8.  Select your new font in the Font field. I selected Michaelmas. Click the OK button.




9. Then begin typing with your new font!




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