Canon’s Creative Park takes the guess work out of making fun 3-d Popup Cards. It’s fun and it’s free. You just need paper, a printer and a glue stick.

Here are the photos of their current Valentine’s Day Card Offerings:


Popup Chocolate Box


Popup Chocolate Cake


Popup Heart

Popup Sweets Box

To access these projects, go to the Canon Creative Park Website at:


1. Most popup cards appear to come in two sizes, A4 and Letter. Since I usually only have Letter size paper on hand (8 1/2″ x 11″), I only download the letter file. Also, instruction files are available in A4 and Letter, so you should also only download the Letter instructions as well.

2. If you are making multiple cards, I would print out one set of the card and one set of instructions. There are usually extra sheets of the card for multiple color versions of the card. I would decide which card color I like most and reprint only the pages I need of the card set. There is no need to reprint the instructions more than once.

3. For the Popup Sweets Box, you can add real mini-sized lollipops or other treats.