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This weekend was fun, I got a lot of stuff done around the house, saw Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood movie) with my husband and made some cards with my daughter. Whatever craft I do, my daughter always wants to participate in, she’s three, and I think it’s great for her to do creative things, and it sure is nice to spend the time together. If you’re crafting, consider finding a buddy to craft with, it’s a great way of sharing.

This weekend, I decided I was not going to shop for crafting materials, but rather use what I already have in my abundant supply. I pulled out stamps that I have had since high school, and let me tell you, that was a long time ago! And they still work as well as the day I bought them. Although I love the new clear stamps that are out now, I do question their longevity… especially since there is so much pulling and tugging to remove them from the plastic they reside on, with a rubber wood mounted stamp, you’re not doing any of that pulling and tugging.

Since my two nieces are having birthdays this month, I made birthday cards.


This birthday card has several elements, let me briefly describe:
– This card is 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet folded in half
– I always like to combine stripes with polka dot papers of the same color scheme
– The wood butterfly and flower are from the Dollar Tree (great chain, everything is a buck or less)
– To get the curve in the border where the striped paper meets the polka dots, I just lightly drew a wave with pencil on the back side of the striped paper. I drew a few waves until I got one that looked just right and cut it out with scissors.
– I glued a leaf ribbon on the border of the wave. I purchased this a San Francisco Fabric Mart.
– I drew with a white pigment pen, the trailing of the butterfly
– The Happy Birthday stamp was purchased at Costco, great deal, I think I got a set of four or five clear stamp sheets for around $15. I’ve gone back to two Costcos to see if they have more, but no luck. Figures.
– I used the polka dot and striped papers to create a double matte around the Happy Birthday stamp.
– I used jewel stones around the borders. I bought a small bag of them from Walmart in the sewing section.
– The three buttons on the bottom, I sewed with some blue thread
– Around the edge of the card is a dark chalking, I love the antique look this gives
– I used a Fiskars corner punch/embosser for each corner. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend getting one when it is on sale.

The next card I made was a lot simpler.
– I used a Fiskars heart punch for the sides of the card
– The pink wave on the bottom was created using a paper cutter I purchased after watchin an infomercial. It has a light on it, but I would not recommend purchasing this paper cutter, the cuts aren’t very straight.
– The heart cutout was a leftover from the Valentine’s Day Cards I made and was made using George and Basic Shapes from my Cricut cutter.
– The heart on the very top is from a set of paper clips I purchased from Walmart.
– This card probably took ten to fifteen minutes at the most. It was super easy.

This next card was also pretty simple:


– The center of this card contains a cut out from the Walk in My Garden Cricut Cartridge. It’s a bread tag, you know, the little piece of plastic used to secure your the bag of bread you buy from the grocery store!
– The corners are gold sequins
– The three stones in the bottom center are faux gemstones
– The ribbon down the center is actually paper

Well, I hope I’ve given you some inspiration.

Happy crafting!


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