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Per a blog reader’s request, I made a Valentine’s Puppy  Bouquet. I love it!
It is so adorable. See below…


Valentine Puppy $24.95 + $10 for Shipping


Valentine Puppy $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Puppy Twins  $29.95 + $10 for Shipping

I received an email a couple of years ago of this florist shop somewhere in Asia that made puppie bouquets. They were so adorable!

After much shopping at several dollar stores, I found the perfect artificial flowers to make puppy bouquets. I also picked up some mini costumes meant for stuffed bear toys and a few wicker baskets. I ordered the eyes and noses from an online retailer.

I have received inquiries on purchasing these puppy bouquets, if interested, please email me at

Here are my puppy bouquet creations:


Holiday Puppy $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Puppy with Purple Flowers  $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Princess Puppy SOLD

Puppy with Yellow Orchids  $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Cheerleader Puppy  $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Yellow Puppy SOLD


Here are some Valentine’s Day Cards I made. Please check back soon as I will add more information on the materials and techniques I used to create them:

Valentine's Day Card 001

Valentine's Day Card 001

Valentine's Day Card 002

Valentine's Day Card 002

Valentine's Day Card 003

Valentine's Day Card 003

Valentine's Day Card 004

Valentine's Day Card 004

Valentine's Day Card 005

Valentine's Day Card 005

Valentine's Day Card 006

Valentine's Day Card 006


Valentine's Day Card 007

Valentine's Day Card 007

Valentine's Day Card 008

Valentine's Day Card 008

Valentine's Day Card 009

Valentine's Day Card 009

Valentine's Day Card 010

Valentine's Day Card 010

Valentine's Day Card 011

Valentine's Day Card 011

Valentine's Day Card 012

Valentine's Day Card 012

Valentine's Day Card 013

Valentine's Day Card 013

Valentine's Day Card 014

Valentine's Day Card 014

Valentine's Day Card 015

Valentine's Day Card 015


Canon’s Creative Park takes the guess work out of making fun 3-d Popup Cards. It’s fun and it’s free. You just need paper, a printer and a glue stick.

Here are the photos of their current Valentine’s Day Card Offerings:


Popup Chocolate Box


Popup Chocolate Cake


Popup Heart

Popup Sweets Box

To access these projects, go to the Canon Creative Park Website at:


1. Most popup cards appear to come in two sizes, A4 and Letter. Since I usually only have Letter size paper on hand (8 1/2″ x 11″), I only download the letter file. Also, instruction files are available in A4 and Letter, so you should also only download the Letter instructions as well.

2. If you are making multiple cards, I would print out one set of the card and one set of instructions. There are usually extra sheets of the card for multiple color versions of the card. I would decide which card color I like most and reprint only the pages I need of the card set. There is no need to reprint the instructions more than once.

3. For the Popup Sweets Box, you can add real mini-sized lollipops or other treats.

I often crop images into circles. If I didn’t crop my images into circle, I would have to buy a circular cropping tool and attempt to cut an image after I’ve printed it. For me, it’s a lot cheaper to just print an image or photo as a circle and just use a normal pair of scissors to cut it out.

Here’s an example of an image I cropped using Microsoft Paint:


To achieve this using Microsoft Paint, follow these instructions:

1. Open Microsoft Paint. Click the Start button and select Run.


2. Type MSPAINT and click the OK button.


3.  Click the File menu and select Open.


4. Highlight the file you would like to crop and click the Open button.


5.  When the Save Changes dialog box appears, click the No button.


6. Click the Line button, then click the largest line thickness and then click the Red button.


7. Click the Elipse button.


8. Place the cursor in the top left corner of the image. Click the Shift button + Control Button at the same time and use your mouse to drag a circle over the image. This may take a few tries to get it right. If the circle does not look ideal, click the Edit Menu and select Undo to remove the last action performed.  You can repeat the Undo function to remove previous actions as well. Note: Clicking the Shift Button + Control button at the same time creates a proportionate width and height circle. Using this same key combination for creating a square also ensures a proportionate width and height square.


9. As you notice from the previous photo, there are edges that extend beyond the red circle. To remove these edges, click the Eraser button and remove the edges with the eraser. There are more sophisticated photo editing software that can prevent this step, but the nice thing about Microsoft Paint is that it is already included as part of your Windows Operating System. I’m sure the Macintosh Operating System has an equivalent as well. A really good photo editing software to use is Adobe Photoshop and if you would like to try this out, you can download a trial version at


10. You can now print this image. I like to print several of these images on a glossy photo paper. Once printed, there is a nice shine to the image and it seems to provide a nice contrast to the scrapbook papers I use for making greeting cards. To copy this image to Microsoft Word, click the Select button and draw a square around the image.


11. Click the Edit Menu and select Copy.


12. Open the Microsoft Word program. Click the Edit Menu ad Select Paste. You can repeat the paste several times to fill up the whole page. You can also reduce the headers, footers and margins in order to fit more images on it as well.


I would then print this out on Glossy paper using the best photo image quality setting on my printer. This particular image really pops using black cardstock.

Here’s another example of clipart using the same technique:


Here’s an example using a rectangle instead of a circle:


About the Clipart I Used:

A few months ago, I purchased a new vintage Christmas Clipart CD by Dover Publications. The images are beautiful and have a unique old-fashioned victorian type of feel to them. The nice thing about the Dover clipart I have purchased in the past is that it comes with a full-color printed copy of every single image, Dover Design Manager software for easy viewing and all images were royalty-free.

Here is a link to Dover’s website:

Here is a link to the Christmas Clipart I purchased:


I have a passion for crafts and enjoy card-making, sewing and quilting, knitting, crocheting and jewelry making. This blog is dedicated to providing resources and ideas on craft projects for the Happy Crafter.

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