The Cricut Pens come in four color set of five pens.

– The Basic Set contains three black and two brown pens.

– The Primary Set contains one each of yellow, red, green, orange and blue.

– The Fashion Collection

– The Sophisticated Collection 

I’ve only seen the first two sets mentioned above, the last two sets I noticed were on the Cricut website. I usually see each pen set for an average price of $17, the Cricut website sells each set for $14.99. I’m sure Ebay and Walmart are worth checking out for better deals.

The pens are used for printing on paper using your Cricut machine. Think of them as sort of an ink cartridge in an ink jet printer, except the printer is your Cricut machine. It’s super easy to install an ink pen. You basically unscrew and remove your green Cricut blade and place an ink pen in it’s place. Please be sure to turn off your machine first… for safety, and remove the cap from the ink pen. It probably takes less than a minute to make the change. Now just pretend you are going to cut something with your Cricut and perform all the same steps you normally would with your Cricut, but instead, you’re printing with your Cricut pens.

I own the Basic set because I felt that I could universally apply black or brown ink to most of my current supply of paper. If you have purchased a Cricut, I highly recommend getting a set of pens. My favorite thing to draw with these pens are animals using the Animal Kingdom cartridge. The elephants are adorable! It takes some practice, you’ll find not everything looks great drawn instead of cut, but when you get the hang of it, you’ll appreciate this extra utility.

Have fun crafting!

Kind regards,