I purchased the Cricut Toolkit from Walmart when I purchased my Cricut Expressions Machine. The scoop tool is handy for removing delicate cuts from the cutting mat, the boning knife is useful for folding cards and the scissors I use on occassion. The rest, I barely use. Since most of these items I have purchased already, I probably did not really need this toolkit. The one cricut tool I did get that turned out to be very useful was the cricut spatula. I would recommend getting this item instead of the toolkit if you have these items already in your supply.

Here’s a photo of the cricut spatula:


 As of January 7, 2009, here are some prices for the toolkit:

Walmart $18.88
Amazon $24.63
Ebay (Price Varies)

Here are some prices for the spatula:

Walmart $4.97
Amazon $5.99
Ebay (Price Varies)

The Cricut Toolkit is part of the Cricut Essentials Kit (Value Pack), to view information about this kit, go to this webpage:

Here is some information from the Provocraft website on the toolkit:

Cricut Tool Kit
Comfortable and fashionable carrying case for tool storage. Exclusive soft-touch handles for superior gripping comfort. Custom-designed tools for creating the most intricate paper crafts. The tool kit includes:
Bone Folder
Ideal for creasing and folding various types of papers and crafting materials.
Stainless steel hook specially designed to easily remove tiny cuts.
Stainless steel blade with precision ground cutting edge.
Conveniently marked in inches and millimeters for more accurate measurements.
Hardened steel blades with precision ground cutting edges. Patent pending soft-touch handles provide superior gripping comfort.
Stainless steel tip specially designed to remove cuts from mat.
Custom designed to scrape paper residue from the Cutting Mat. Helps remove finished cuts from the mat.
  • Product Line: Cricut
  • Product Category: Storage And Tools
  • Item Number: 29-0004
  • Packaging Size: 
  • UPC Code:  093573030048