Buster and Elsie Twins $29.95 + $10 for Shipping SOLD

I received an email a couple of years ago of this florist shop somewhere in Asia that made puppie bouquets. They were so adorable!

After much shopping at several dollar stores, I found the perfect artificial flowers to make puppy bouquets. I also picked up some mini costumes meant for stuffed bear toys and a few wicker baskets. I ordered the eyes and noses from an online retailer.

I have received inquiries on purchasing these puppy bouquets, if interested, please email me at frannie@flowersbyfrannie.com

Also, are you interested in making your own puppy bouquets? If so, please email me at frannie@flowersbyfrannie.com. If enough people respond, I’ll sell some affordable kits that will teach you how to make your own puppy bouquets.


Here are my puppy bouquet creations:


Mary Holiday $24.95 + $10 for Shipping SOLD

Jade Love $24.95 + $10 for Shipping SOLD

Diana the Princess SOLD

Puppy with Yellow Orchids  $24.95 + $10 for Shipping SOLD

Jill the Cheerleader $24.95 + $10 for Shipping

Yellow Puppy SOLD

I sold just about all the puppy bouquets I made in my first batch. I have made several more since and have gotten better at it. I even now have a website and the ability to accept paypal. Please see my website at: www.FlowersByFrannie.com

These are my new bouquets:


Allen Boy $24.99 plus $10 Shipping


Elly Marie $24.99 plus $10 Shipping


Jadelyn Monroe $24.99 plus $10 Shipping


Cherie $24.99 plus $10 Shipping


Ryane and Caterina $34.99 plus $10 Shipping